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Healthcare Solutions

Who we are

Healthcare Solutions is a team of former hospital administrators who help LAAC programs identify opportunities to accelerate program success and development.

"Through the Calibration Program, a large WATCHMAN center in my area made extensive progress in almost every area of their program - from business development, to marketing, to operational efficiencies, to implant and referral success. They also saw their pipeline of patients grow by 5x in just a few months!"

— WATCHMAN Territory Manager

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The solutions included in our Action Plans focus on enhancing program quality, increasing referrer engagement, and improving procedural efficiencies.

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Enhanced program quality

  • Reduce patient delays and wait times 
  • Improve patient awareness and access to therapy

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Increased referrer engagement

  • Data driven insights to analyze and grow referrals
  • Education and activation to drive therapy awareness
  • Technology opportunities to identify and manage patients

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Improved procedural efficiencies

  • Program structure to bring together a comprehensive care team
  • Hospital and clinic care coordination
  • Cardiovascular Cath Lab operational improvement

The Proof

Our team has partnered with 500+ implanting centers across the U.S. and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within LAAC programs. These engagements have enabled some programs to achieve up to a 45% increase in implant volume in 12 months.

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Our approach

Through our Calibration Program and the steps below, we identify and tailor solutions to help you optimize your LAAC program. This process allows us to understand your program’s challenges and opportunities and develop a strategy that enhances your program’s performance.

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We interview key program stakeholders to understand the current state of your program and vision for the future.

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Strategic planning

We create an Action Plan with recommended solutions for you based on real-time feedback and data.

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You decide which solutions to prioritize within your program and we provide ongoing support to help you succeed.

Hospital Case Study

See real results driven by the Healthcare Solutions team through the Kettering Memorial Hospital case study.