WATCHMAN TruSteer Access System device


Access System

Designed to improve implant success, the WATCHMAN TruSteer™ Access System optimizes coaxial device positioning in the widest range of LAA anatomies.

The WATCHMAN TruSteer Access System has bi-directional steering and a new ergonomic handle that allow you to:

  • Control WATCHMAN FLX™ Pro Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device deployment trajectory for optimized device positioning.
  • Achieve a greater range of motion to reach the widest range of anatomies.
  • Enable coaxial tug test for more accurate device assessment prior to release.

TruSteer features and benefits

A revolutionary steerable sheath

Steering for better control.

Bi-directional steering

Bi-directional steering and a wider range of motion to allow access to the greatest range of anatomies.

A greater range of motion to reach a wider range of anatomies.


Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle designed to give you control for optimized device positioning more consistently.

Controlling the sheath in three dimensions results in optimal coaxial device placement more consistently, without the need for excessive torque.


Reduce core wire bias

Coaxial alignment after deployment results in more accurate contrast shot and confident tug assessment before release.

The WATCHMAN TruSteer Access System, combined with the WATCHMAN FLX Pro radiopaque markers, are designed to guide intuitive adjustment during deployment to achieve optimal device position in the most challenging anatomies.