WATCHMAN FLX Pro device with white background.


Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

featuring HEMOCOAT™ Technology

The WATCHMAN FLX Pro Device is designed with three first-ever features: new HEMOCOAT Technology designed to improve the healing process, radiopaque markers for precise device placement, and a new 40mm size for larger appendages.


Coated for controlled healing

HEMOCOAT Technology is a durable, thromboresistant coating that results in less inflammation and leads to faster, more complete endothelialization.1


Liquid drop icon with two lines below.

PVDF-HFP has a long history of safe use on permanently implanted, blood-contacting medical devices2


Close up of thin coating for stability.

Durable, thin coating encapsulates healing surface of device, maintains pore size and mechanical performance of WATCHMAN FLX platform (<1µm)3


Shield icon with check mark.

Impressive performance in challenging preclinical model1

Testing in pre-clinical model has shown remarkable results for faster, more controlled healing1

Next level visibility

Three new radiopaque markers help position and anchor the device with a new level of visual accuracy

Enhance deployment precision

Magnification of device.

57% increased visibility for more accurate device positioning4

Ensure device

Close up of device.

Improved assessment of device anchoring when performing tug test

Enable confident

Close up of device in LAAC.

Improved visualization of device orientation and alignment

Close with confidence

A new 40mm size to help treat larger appendages

WATCHMAN FLX Pro 40mm device size.
  • Same performance
  • Same compression range (10‑30%)
  • Same depth requirement
WATCHMAN FLX Pro device size chart.
WATCHMAN FLX Pro device size chart comparison with larger size.


WATCHMAN FLX Pro Procedure Video

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