Procedural adverse events1


Procedural success rate2


Complete Closure at 12 months1

The SURPASS analysis of the NCDR-LAAO Registry™ includes the largest number of commercial WATCHMAN FLX patients to date. This data reinforces the outstanding safety of WATCHMAN FLX with 0.37% major procedural adverse event rate within 7 days or hospital discharge and 98% procedural success rate in > 16,000 real-world NVAF patients.3

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HAWKEYE is an online solution to help you facilitate LAACpatient workflow. HAWKEYE helps you understand programperformance and patient outcomes, making it easier tooptimize operational efficiencies and streamline patientcoordination.

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Healthcare Solutions is a team of former hospital administrators who help LAAC programs identify opportunities to accelerate program success and development. The Calibration Program identifies and tailor solutions to optimize LAAC programs.

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WATCHMAN™ Connect is a coordinator community that was designed to be a one-stop-shop. Acentral, organized, easy-to-navigate experience to learn skills and the latest best practices, tofind templates and tools, and to connect with peers in real time for responsive support.

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