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A lifetime of stroke risk reduction, without the lifelong risks of OACs

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One Time. For a Lifetime.

Protection against stroke risk. Protection against oral anticoagulant (OAC) bleed risk.

The WATCHMAN FLX Implant is the one-time, minimally invasive procedure that protects your atrial fibrillation patients for life.


Over 300,000 Afib patients have left blood thinners behind with WATCHMAN LAAC Devices1


  • 300,000+ patients
  • 10+ clinical trials


  • 99% implant success rate
  • 0.5% major adverse event rate*


  • 96.2% of patients discontinued NOAC at 45 days

Designed to treat a broad range of patient types

Previous bleed

A history of major or non‑major bleeding

Future bleed risk

A high risk of bleeding or at risk for falls

Lifestyle and occupation

Active lifestyle or occupation that poses bleeding risk

Cardiologist perspectives: Freedom from OACs

A lifetime of oral anticoagulation (OAC) therapy can come with lifelong risks for NVAF patients.

Cardiologists share what it means to them to be able to tell a patient they can stop taking their blood thinner and start getting back to the joys of life without the fear of OAC bleed risk.

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The world's most studied and implanted LAAC device

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One Time. For a Lifetime.

* Procedure success defined as successful delivery and release of a WATCHMAN FLX device into the LAA** Occurrence of one of the following events between the time of implant and within 7 days following the procedure or by hospital discharge, whichever is later: all-cause death, ischemic stroke, systemic embolism, or device or procedure related events requiring open cardiac surgery or major endovascular intervention.


  1. Represents all WATCHMAN models, including WATCHMAN FLX Devices.
  2. Kar, S., et al, Primary Outcome Evaluation of the Next Generation LAAC Device: Results from the PINNACLE FLX Trial, Circulation, 2021.