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Understand who may be eligible for WATCHMAN FLX™ LAAC Implant

Identify which of your patients may benefit from the WATCHMAN FLX Implant

The WATCHMAN FLX Implant may be suitable for a broad range of non-valvular Afib (NVAF) patients and may be an appropriate option for your NVAF patients who meet these criteria. Eligible patients must:

  1. Have an increased risk for stroke and be recommended for anticoagulation (OAC)
  2. Be suitable for short-term oral anticoagulation*
  3. Have an appropriate reason to seek a non-pharmacologic alternative to OACs

*DAPT-only post-implant drug regimen now available.

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Designed to treat a broad range of patient types

Previous bleed

A history of major or non‑major bleeding

Future bleed risk

A high risk of bleeding or at risk for falls

Lifestyle and occupation

Active lifestyle or occupation where anticoagulation is not ideal


Prior inability to comply with OAC treatment

Drug interactions

Comorbidities requiring treatments that may not be compatible with OACs

Hear from real patients and how WATCHMAN has changed their lives


Getting a WATCHMAN Implant has made a huge difference in Wayne’s life. Being very active, he immediately knew that the risks and side effects of blood thinners would hold him back from the life he wanted to live. After his implant procedure, he’s back to yoga, hiking and volunteering — all without the worries of bleeding or stroke.


For Linda, the fear and anxiety of blood thinners was keeping her from enjoying her retirement with her husband, Skip. Now that she has the WATCHMAN Implant, she feels free to travel and make the most of her retirement community.


Fred struggled with bleeding issues from blood thinners. He wanted to get back to helping his wife Rosemarie with projects, such as yard work. Hear how the WATCHMAN Implant helped him take back control of his health.

Discover which of your NVAF patients may benefit from WATCHMAN

Download the WATCHMAN patient screening and referral form to help identify potential candidates and connect them with an implanter.

Download the patient screening and referral form

See patient profiles

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One Time. For a Lifetime.

* DAPT-only post-implant drug regimen now available