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Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

Trusted Safety. Proven Efficacy. No Compromises.

Built on the most studied and implanted LAAC device in the world — WATCHMAN FLX™ is the leader in LAAC therapy. WATCHMAN FLX offers proven safety, unmatched procedural simplicity and excellent seal to help ensure optimal device performance.



WATCHMAN FLX sets the industry standard for low adverse event rates.


7-Day Major Adverse Events

Amulet IDE3,4

Procedure-Related Complications


Major Procedure-Related Complications


WATCHMAN FLX delivers unmatched procedural simplicity with near universal procedural success across a wide range of LAA anatomies.


WATCHMAN FLX demonstrated 90% complete closure* while Amulet demonstrated 63% complete closure in their respective IDE trials.


The Leader In LAAC Therapy


WATCHMAN FXD Curve™ Access System

The WATCHMAN FXD Curve™ Access System is designed for the WATCHMAN FLX™ LAAC device, bringing smoother deployment and successful placement to the delivery of the most studied and implanted LAAC device in the world.

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*Complete LAA occlusion defined as no visible peri-device leak (PDL) and absence of contrast patency in the distal LAA (LAA/left atrium Hounsfield ratio <0.25).


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  6. Major procedure-related complications for this trial were defined as as composite of death, cerebrovascular event, systemic embolism, major bleeding (BARC 3-5), clinically relevant pericardial effusion, device embolization, or acute kidney injury occurring within 7 days or thereafter if deemed procedure-related. 
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