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Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

Program Impact

The WATCHMAN FLX Pro Device is built on the proven safety profile of the WATCHMAN FLX™ Device.1 With a 25% increase in device size range, the WATCHMAN FLX Pro unlocks up to 6% growth in the treatable patient population.*

New 40mm device
to treat the widest range of anatomies

A hemocompatible coating to promote faster, more complete healing2

Radiopaque Markers​
Three radiopaque markers help position and anchor the device to enhance placement for optimal sealing around the LAA​


Pre-clinical data

The fluoropolymer-coated WATCHMAN FLX Pro device showed significantly less thrombus and reduced inflammation in a challenging canine model. Mechanistic studies demonstrated that the WATCHMAN FLX Pro device binds more albumin, leading to reduced platelet activation, less inflammation, and greater endothelial coverage (EC).2​

How we can help you and your program

Health Economics and Market Analysis

The Health Economics and Market Analysis (HEMA) team is dedicated to assisting WATCHMAN programs. See how HEMA can help with reimbursement education, patient access, program economics, and population health initiatives.

Healthcare Solutions team

Healthcare Solutions is a team of former hospital administrators who help LAAC programs identify- opportunities to accelerate program success and development. The Calibration Program identifies solutions to optimize LAAC programs.


HAWKEYE is a web-based patient workflow and reporting tool for your WATCHMAN program that is easily implemented into your care teams, and can provide immediate value to coordinators, implanters and administrators.

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* NOTE: Size of LAA is based on an implanter survey and may vary across regions​

  1. BSC survey data on file​
  2. Saliba et al. Enhanced Thromboresistance and Endothelialization of a Novel Fluoropolymer-Coated Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device, JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology, 2023.