NCDR-LAAO RegistryTM Clinical Summary​

Review of the first 3 years​

Virtual presentation at ACC 2020 by Dr. James Freeman. Late Breaking Clinical Trial,​ March 29, 2020 Virtual presentation at ACC 2020 by Dr. James Freeman, Paul Varosy, Yongfei Wang, Matthew Price, David Slotwiner, Fred Kusumoto, Chidambaram Rammohan, Clifford J. Kavinsky, Zoltan Turi, Joseph Akar, Christina Koutras, Jeptha Curtis, Frederick Masoudi, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA

The NCDR-LAAO Registry data analysis

This registry analysis represents the largest real-world data to date on more than 38,000 WATCHMAN procedures in a high risk patient population and confirms low acute adverse event rates.


ACC NCDR-LAAO Registry data presentation​

The 2020 ACC Virtual Experience showcased a late breaking clinical trial presentation of the NCDR-LAAO Registry™ Data Release on March 29, 2020. Watch Dr. James Freeman, a renowned Yale Medicine electrophysiologist, present the 3-year registry data that studied more than 38,000 patients implanted with the WATCHMAN LAAC Device. 

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Original content owned by ACCF and presented at ACC.20/WCC Virtual​

NCDR-LAAO Registry data analysis interview

Learn more about this data analysis of how the WATCHMAN LAAC Device performed in a real-world setting. The study included patients with a high risk of stroke and mean CHADs-VASc score of 4.6. Dr. James Freeman and Dr. Brad Sutton discuss the WATCHMAN in-hospital procedural safety shown in this data analysis to rates in pivotal WATCHMAN clinical trials.

Dr. James Freeman image

Dr. James Freeman
Associate Professor ​of Medicine,​ Cardiology,
Yale ​University School of Medicine

Dr. Brad Sutton image

Dr. Brad Sutton
Sr. Medical Director,​ WATCHMAN LAAC,
Boston Scientific