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Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

Setting the standard

Built on the most studied LAAC device in the world – WATCHMAN FLX delivers market-leading safety, simplicity and seal.


Safety above all

Proven to deliver safety like no other, the WATCHMAN FLX device leads the industry with a low major adverse event rate across multiple studies.


7-Day Major Adverse Events


7-Day Major Adverse Events


7-Day Major Adverse Events

Simplicity without compromise

To reduce procedure time and treat the widest range of LAA anatomies, trust the device that delivers an unmatched implant experience. WATCHMAN FLX is simply the easiest and most intuitive LAAC device to use with near universal procedural success across multiple studies and large patient populations.

Unmatched procedural success rates

Clinical Trial
Real-world Study
100% Alster Registry4 n = 164
100% SWISS-APERO5 n = 110
99% PINNACLE FLX1 n = 400
99% Danish Study6 n = 91
99% FLXibility Registry7 n = 300
98% SURPASS2 n = 66,894
Legacy WATCHMAN8 n = 27,103
97% PINNACLE FLX Failed Legacy
WATCHMAN9 n = 88

Superior complete occlusion** rates by LAA anatomy10

Seal with confidence

The WATCHMAN FLX device's enhanced, single component design helps simplify placement for a quicker, more complete seal. It's the only device with a demonstrated complete closure* rate of 90%1, setting the LAAC therapy standard.

Complete closure* rate of WATCHMAN FLX compared to Amulet and Legacy WATCHMAN

Superior complete occlusion** at 8 weeks with CT compared to Amulet10

Consistent complete closure* across multiple studies

*Complete closure is defined as no visible peri-device leak (PDL) via TEE
**Complete LAA occlusion defined as no visible peri-device leak (PDL) and absence of contrast patency in the distal LAA (LAA/left atrium Hounsfield ratio <0.25)
***Effective closure is defined as less than or equal to 5mm residual leak


The leader in LAAC therapy



FDA approves use of DAPT or OAC immediately following implant with WATCHMAN FLX device. 

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