close up of WATCHMAN FLX device on white background


Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

WATCHMAN FLX Device receives FDA approval for DAPT Labeling

With the approval of immediate DAPT-use post-implant, only the WATCHMAN FLX™ Implant provides you with flexibility to choose the ideal drug regimen that is best for your patient with clinical outcomes that support the safety and efficacy in preventing thrombosis and consequent stroke. Additionally, WATCHMAN FLX is the only LAAC device without a requirement of an overnight stay post procedure.

As always, you should exercise clinical judgment based on individual patient characteristics in determining the most appropriate use of anti-thrombotic drugs for the post-implant medication regimen. 


Post-implant drug regimen options

Post-Implant Drug Regimen Option 1 - Short-Term OAC
Post-Implant Drug Regimen Option 2 - DAPT-Only

At TEE, if leak >5mm, patients remain on OAC + ASA until seal is documented (leak <5mm)
*Any P2Y12 Inhibitor and Aspirin