Consider the proven safety profile of the WATCHMAN device

WATCHMANTM Platform safety

WATCHMAN FLX leverages the proven WATCHMAN LAAC device heritage

The first WATCHMAN FLX experiences show 5,6:

  • Very high implant success rate
  • Very low complication rates
  • Safe outcomes achievement for patients with simple to complex anatomies
  • Excellent results at follow-up
  • High degree of sealing at follow-up



WATCHMAN maintains favorable safety outcomes in real-life studies

The EWOLUTION Prospective Registry showed a 98,5% implant success* rate the highest success rate reported in all WATCHMAN trials.7

The NCDR-LAAO REGISTRY™, the largest real-life data to date on >38,000 WATCHMAN  procedures, showed 98,3% implant success rate8, higher than in the pivotal trials and consistent with the more recent EWOLUTION Registry

*Acute procedural success= rate of success among procedures in which a device was deployed.
Among those with an acutely successful procedure 70 (0.2%) had device margin residual leak ≥5mm

Low complication rates demonstrated in clinical trials and real-life studies

Learn more about the EWOLUTION registry

EWOLUTION (Registry on WATCHMANTM Outcomes in Real-Life Utilization) is the largest prospective real-life LAAC registry with over 1.000 patients studied. The EWOLUTION registry is a multicentre study designed to obtain clinical data on procedural success, complication rates, incidence of stroke, bleeding, and long-term patient outcomes.

Learn more about the NCDR-LAAO REGISTRY™

The NCDR-LAAO Registry with >38,000 patients is the largest LAAC procedure data in the world in a high-risk patient population and confirms low acute adverse event rates 

Learn more about the WATCHMAN Clinical Programme

See WATCHMAN safety and Efficacy Papers

* Implant success defined as deployment and release of the device into the LAA; no leak ≥ 5 mm
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