Referring the WATCHMAN Implant

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The WATCHMAN™ portal is an educational resource for use by practicing physicians and allied healthcare professionals. The WATCHMAN portal is not intended for patients or consumers.

WATCHMAN Referring Physician Brochure

File Type: PDF
Overview of the WATCHMAN Implant for referring physicians that outlines who is the WATCHMAN patient.

Patient Screening and Referral Form

File Type: PDF
This screening tool will help you determine which NVAF patients in your practice are potential candidates for a WATCHMAN Implant and connect them with an implanter for a consultation.

WATCHMAN Referring Pocket Guide

File Type: PDF
Quick reference guide on patient eligibility, procedure overview, safety and efficacy, and cost. 

Referral Process Overview

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Referring your NVAF patients to an implanting physician is an easy 3-step process: educate, document, and send.

Shared Decision Making Brochure

File Type: PDF
Brochure to overview shared decision making, a collaborative process that allows patients and their providers to make health care treatment decisions together. .

Cardiologist Perspectives: Physician Videos

File Type: Video
Cardiologists share how the WATCHMAN Implant has given their patients with Afib another chance at living their lives free from the burden of long-term OAC therapy, while continuing to reduce their risk of stroke.

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