Patient Materials

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Patient Education Brochure

File Type: PDF
Patient brochure with information about atrial fibrillation and stroke-risk reduction options.

Patient Animation: This Is WATCHMAN

File Type: Video (4:32)
Animation for patients that includes information on AF stroke risk and the WATCHMAN implant procedure.


Understanding Afib Brochure

File Type: PDF
Learn more about the available treatment options for AFib and stroke risk in our Understanding Atrial Fibrillation guide.

AF Stroke Risk & WATCHMAN Patient Brochure

File Type: PDF
Patient brochure with information about atrial fibrillation and stroke risk reduction options.

Patient Guide

File Type: PDF
Specification sheet included in the WATCHMAN Device packaging designed for patients with details regarding device, procedure and post-procedure information. Also includes WATCHMAN Implant Card.

Patient Selection Tool

File Type: PDF
Pocket guide to determine which patients are potential candidates for a WATCHMAN Implant.

In-office Patient Poster

File Type: PDF
Educational poster which provides images and information on the WATCHMAN Implant. Talk to your WATCHMAN rep to order a poster for your office.

Explaining LAAC to Patients

File Type: Video (2:43)
Peer-to-peer guidance for how to educate patients on LAAC from Shephal K. Doshi, MD, F.A.C.C., Pacific Heart Institute.


WATCHMAN Changes AF Patient Management

File Type: Video (2:33)
Shephal K. Doshi, MD, F.A.C.C., Pacific Heart Institute, shares how WATCHMAN changes the way he manages AF patient stroke risk.


Patient Testimonial Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonials

File Type: Video
Hear how the WATCHMAN Implant has given these patients with Afib another chance at living their lives free from the burden of long-term OAT, while continuing to reduce their risk of stroke.

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